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Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise
Our club is currently not holding face to face meetings
We normally meet at Waters Edge
1 Buller St, 7.00am Friday most weeks.
Visitors are always welcome.

farmer joes pantry

Farmer Joe's was launched on 11 November 2019 during the worst drought our area has endured.

We help local farmers and those affected by the devastating bushfires during the summer of 2019-20.

Farmer Joe's Pantry is a place where affected community members from across the Mid North Coast can visit and fill their pantry with essential food items.

Long time club member, Pam Foye, is the driving force behind Farmer Joe's. Pam has done a wonderful job in building the pantry from scratch.

We have non-perishable foods and toiletries, pet food and water. Water is a really big one they are always after. To be able to say to someone ‘go into IGA and get your fruit and veggies and some ham or a chicken’, is amazing.

We have lots of tears, some sad, some joyful.

Pam loves to see farmers, who are doing it so tough, leave with a car boot full of needed stuff and a big smile on their face.

The demand for help is expected to continue long after the fire/summer season is over.