Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise Club Officers 2022 - 2023

These are the people leading our Club this year

Our Board Members

President - Neil Black

Secretary - Lea Lloyd

Treasurer - Pam Foye

Club Service - Di Hicks and Colin Norton

Community - Helen Palmer

International - Jenny Sinclair

Vocational - Marissa Clift and Peter Vane

New Generations / Youth - Sandra Hollins

Foundation - Ian Simpson

Communication - Allison Massey

President Elect - Di Hicks

Past President - Steven Bruce

Our Club Officers

Bulletin - Grant Heaton / Heather Norton

Membership - Elizabeth Fielding

Program - Vocational Services Team

Attendance - Pam Foye

Sergeant - Mark Wilson and Steve Laws

Archivist - Michael Jacobs

Public Officer - Michael Jacobs

Facebook - Allison Massey

Wellbeing Officer - Heather Norton

STAR Program - Ian Simpson

Database Administrator - Peter Vane

Webmaster - Peter Vane

Rotary Lodge - Di Hicks & Malcolm McNeil

Rotary Community Hall - David Currey, Tony Lanzafame & Julie Garland

Our District Representatives

Kerrie Wood - RAWCS (Rotary Wold Community Services) Chair

Jenny Sinclair - District Membership and Public Relations


History Of Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise

Serving the community since 1997

The idea for a new club was instigated in 1997 by then 9650 District Governor Nev. Clarke and sponsored by his home club, the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie West.

The sponsoring club decided that the new club should be a mixed club and comprise new Rotarians only. That is, the new club was not to be formed at the membership-expense of existing clubs. It was also decided that it should be a breakfast club (two evening clubs and a lunch-time club were already in existence in Port Macquarie) and nominated Fridays as the meeting day. These features could be changed by the new club once it gained its autonomy, but as it happens, those early decisions have remained unchanged.

Potential new members were identified and invited to attend an Interest Meeting. The first Interest Meeting was held in November 1997 and weekly thereafter. These were held on Friday mornings over a fine breakfast at Tommy’s Restaurant. Several members of the sponsoring club joined the inquisitive outsiders and explained what Rotary was all about, described some of the projects clubs were involved in, and conducted the meetings along the lines of a normal weekly Rotary meeting.

It was decided not to apply for charter until at least 25 people had indicated their firm commitment to be charter members. This was achieved by early February 1998 and the application was duly made. Further interested folks joined up while the application was being processed.

The Charter of the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise was granted by Rotary International on 11 March 1998. The Club had 31 Charter Members:

Charter President Ron Craggs**

Charter Members



Alan Ashton

Noel Atkins

George Barnes

Graham Bayes

Mark Brisley

Andrew Campbell**

Lesley Cleaver

Julie Constable

Graham Ferguson

Garry Fuller

Joy Griffin **

Kerrie Griffin(Wood)*

Tommy Jeffs

Justin Levido*

Bob Livingston

Tony McKenzie

Lorraine Malloch

Richard Mills

Sandra Orvad

Peter Pike

Neville Ramm*

Kevin Sheldon

David Sork

Rod Smith*

Neil Trotter

Louis Voutas

Terry Walch

Nan Walpole

Ron Williams

The Club celebrated its Charter at a gala function on 9 May 1998 at which Past Rotary International President Sir Clem Renouf was an honoured guest and speaker. Many Rotary Clubs from District 9650 were represented at the function and assisted the fledgling Club with some of the Rotary essentials, such as a Lecturn, Fine Box and Gong.

During the Club’s first year (from March 1998 to May 1999) 13 new members were inducted and 4 resignations, finishing the year with a membership of 40. Fund raising from two major events (Steptoe Sale and Rock Art Auction), plus funds raised in Club meetings saw the Project Fund rise from zero to a healthy balance that allowed the Club to support several local projects as well as a substantial donation to The Rotary Foundation. The Club’s first Paul Harris Fellow was awarded to Tommy Jeffs, financed entirely from fines and raffles at Club meetings.

In its first year, The Club was involved in Camp Quality, Trees for 2000, Young Achievers, Rotary Lodge, Group Study Exchange, Youth Exchange, Bowel Scan Program, International House, Solomon Islands Literacy Program, PNG Nursing Development and Nepal Literacy Program.

(With thanks to Charter President Ron Craggs)

2015 - The club was very proud to be nominated as Community Group Of The Year in the Port Macquarie - Hastings Coucil - Australia Day Awards 2015


Recruiting Ad Jan 1998


Charter announcement Port News 1998


Charter meeting 9th May 1998


2015 Australia Day Awards nomination

Club Presidents Past & Present

Serving the community since 1997

Ron Craggs
Ron Craggs
Ann-Maree Crowe
Ann-Maree Crowe
Nik Sandeman-Allen
Nik Sandeman-Allen
Trish Affleck Mooney
Trish Affleck Mooney
Neil Black
Neil Black
David Sork
David Sork
Neville Ramm
Neville Ramm
Pam Foye
Pam Foye
Jenny Sinclair
Jenny Sinclair
Susan Wade
Susan Wade
Aub Polden
Aub Polden
Peter Grob
Peter Grob
Malcolm McNeil
Malcolm McNeil
Leslie Cleaver
Leslie Cleaver
Alec Brown
Alec Brown
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith
Carolyn Ireland
Carolyn Ireland
Ian Nettle
Ian Nettle
Kerry Green
Kerry Green
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke
Colin Norton
Colin Norton
Justin Levido
Justin Levido
Ivana Agapiou
Ivana Agapiou
Peter Vane
Peter Vane
Steven Bruce
Steven Bruce

Paul Harris Fellows

Rotary Sunrise recognise great club or community members as Paul Harris Fellows

Donors of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program, or people who have that amount contributed in their name, can be recognized as Paul Harris Fellows.

Through the years the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise has awarded Paul Harris Fellows to members and others in the community. We also have the honour of some of our members being recognised via other Rotary Club service:

1999 - Tommy Jeffs

2000 - Ian Nettle, Keith Murray

2001 - Ron Craggs, Peter Pike

2002 - Joy Griffin, Greg Laws

2004 - Lesley Cleaver, Mary McLaren, Mike Vegter (Waikerie Rotary Club)

2005 - Alec Brown****, Jack Griffin, Desiree Craggs

2006 - Neville Ramm**, Bernie Fitzpatrick

2007 - Peter Newman, Janine Buesnel, Lynn Moore***

2008 - Jan Crombie, Anne Currey, Graham Keena

2009 - David & Lynn Brown, David Currey, Peter Grob, Kerrie Wood, Jack Griffin*

2010 - Ivana Agapiou, John Carroll, Andrew Campbell, Geoff McNeill, Betty Allman, Janine Buesnel*, Alec Brown*

2011 - Kerry Green, Bob Crombie, Kami Rinjin Sherpa

2012 - Dr. David Malikoff, Kerrie Wood*

2013 - Neil Black, Pam Foye, Ivana Agapiou*

2014 - Lyndon Bartholomew, Neil Black*, Peter Grob*, Neville Ramm***

2015 - Robert Higham, Neil Black*, Sandra Hollins, Barry Searle, Leanne Goggin

2016 - Michael Jacobs, Robert Clarke, Trish Affleck-Mooney, Malcolm McNeil

2017 - Mark Wilson, Rod Smith, Geoff Denyer, Mechelle Lane (Wyndham Rotary Club)

2018 - Jenny Sinclair, Sue Jogever, Christina Parkin, Robert Brangwin, Nicole Oates, Peter Grob**, David Lane** (Wyndham Rotary Club)

2019 - Pam Foye*

2020 - Colin Norton**, Lynne Lemon

2021 - Edward (Ted) Jones, Lea Lloyd, Michael Jacobs*

2022 - Peter Vane, Caroline Ireland

*Sapphire Pin


We meet at Port City Bowling Club
7.00am 2nd and 4th Friday each month.
Visitors are always welcome.

Port City Bowling Club