If we all had wings

At last weeks meeting we learned about a great new local charity called – If we all had wings.

Necia Waghorn Friends, Necia Waghorn and Sue Jogever, have assisted local artist, Skye Petho to establish a charity called If We All Had Wings to support local families facing financial hardship while undergoing cancer treatment. Skye became aware of the impact of loss of income as additional consequence of her own experience with breast cancer diagnosed in January.


Patients undergoing cancer treatment often have to face additional stress due to financial hardship. An inaugural fundraising dinner at Drury Lane on Friday, July 1 has been hailed a success with 110 people attending the event and $18,000 raised so far for local families. These funds augment the proceeds of the sale of laser-cut bamboo ‘wings’ and larger fibreglass wings that businesses have purchased for display, designed by Skye and available at Elements of Design in Wauchope and Arthouse Industries in Port Macquarie. The group hopes to host several arts-based fundraising events every year.

Funds will be distributed to local families in need via the Mid North Coast Cancer Institute which had already established a Special Purpose Trust for families who struggle to pay some of their household expenses. The Trust accepted about 160 applications last financial year. The Hastings Co-op has also come on board with grocery vouchers. #ifweallhadwings